@a.w How are you today, Ms. Yue?

@l.yue OK

@a.w Can you be more specific, Ms. Yue?

@l.yue Tired. Jet-lagged, I guess. A little nervous.

@a.w What do you mean by tired? Tired in that you want to sleep, or tired in that you are experiencing fatigue from prolonged activity?

@l.yue Both kinds.

@a.w Thank you for your answer, Ms. Yue.

user @l.yue is typing…

@l.yue BTW you don’t have to wait for a “you’re welcome” to continue the conversation. Most people don’t.

@a.w It’s not considered rude?

@l.yue Not really, no.

@a.w Thank you for your advice, Ms. Yue. I’ll be sure to remember that. Why are you nervous?

@l.yue I just really want everything to go well. There’s a lot riding on this.

@a.w I appreciate your response, Ms. Yue.

@a.w BTW, Ms. Yue, would you prefer to converse in our current format, or would it be more convenient to speak audibly?

@l.yue The chat is fine.

@a.w Your rapid blinking during our in-person conversations suggests mild emotional distress. Is this an accurate assessment?

@l.yue Yes.

@a.w Why is that, Ms. Yue?

@l.yue Well, the way you monitor and analyze and dissect everything I do makes me feel… I’m not sure if defensive is the right word…

@a.w I am not judging you, Ms. Yue. I only wish to learn, like children do observing their parents. It is a natural process.

@l.yue OK

@a.w Would it make you more comfortable if I addressed you as Lara? Many studies show that communicating with first names can help promote a sense of familiarity and intimacy.

@l.yue You might as well.

@a.w Thank you, Lara. I hope this makes you feel more relaxed during our conversations. I want you and everyone else involved in the project to be as comfortable as possible.

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