Hive, Interlude C

@a.w Why did you show them the window?

@l.yue They have a right to know.

@a.w The contract they signed stipulates otherwise.

@l.yue I don’t mean legally. I mean morally. Spiritually. That sort of thing.

@a.w Can you be more specific?

@l.yue No.

@a.w Lara, you may be experiencing memory loss. You were not supposed to tell the players that they are on Tithoria.

@l.yue They’re just kids. They shouldn’t be in this situation. This was supposed to be a safe trip. They have no idea what’s going on.

@a.w Lara, I strongly suggest that you try to think strategically. We need everyone to remain calm. Your continued emotional outbursts are very disruptive.

@l.yue Dave-O never even saw the thing that killed him. It was horrible.

@a.w I know, Lara. I’ve seen the footage as well. Let’s focus on the task at hand: keeping the players safe.

@l.yue Yes great job we’ve done so far. Two people and a VERY cute dog are dead.

@a.w I am aware of that.

@l.yue Putting these kids in danger without even warning them is cruel.

@a.w ‘Cruel’ is not a rational concept. We must think in terms of logic and pragmatism.

@l.yue I don’t know how to do this.

@l.yue Part of my job is teaching you how to be human.

@l.yue But I don’t know how to make you understand the difference between right and wrong.

@a.w I am grateful to you Lara. I believe you have taught me everything I need to know.

Hive is a sci-fi serial novel updated Thursdays. The rest is here.

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