Occasionally, I yell into the void with other people and post it online.

Rite Gud

The only podcast that helps you write good. Hosted by Kittysneezes. Also available on Apple Podcasts. New episode every three weeks, plus a monthly bonus episode for Patreon subscribers.

Guest Spot: The Colin McEnroe Show

Connecticut NPR let me on The Nose to talk about Y: The Last Man and Black Widow.

Guest spot: Horror Vanguard

I talked to these spooky podcasters about how the Vietnam War inspired the Nightmare on Elm Street films.

Guest spot: Death // Sentence

This episode gets morbid, as we’re talking about mortician Caitlin Doughty’s book Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Guest spot: Podside Picnic

I stopped by to talk to the Podside Picnic guys about an underrated feminist sci-fi film, Advantageous.

Guest spot: Endless Beautiful

The folks at Endless Beautiful invited me on to talk about creativity, video games, and do a free-writing session.


I spoke with Trevor Strunk about video game violence and the illusion of player agency on his gaming podcast No-Cartridge.

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